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9 YEARS AND COUNTING: "Together We Can!"

Nov 30 2011 – Nov 30 2020

2020 was special for all Handong Employees: We had a grand opening of the building of Handong E&C's foundation called Cornerstone & celebrating our 9th anniversary at our own building.

9 years ago, a small Handong office established to serving the need of local and international clients. Today, we are continuing to lean out, get ever more efficient, find more effective ways of aligning all parties on a project, better serve our clients, and build the next generation of builders. With a solid foundation beneath us, we are here ready for the challenge. Our success depends on clients’ success. We are positive that when our clients are stronger, so are we.

We thank all colleagues who continue to work As One and put their best effort in making Handong a reliable, trusted and recognized Main Contractor.