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Cheers to celebrate the New Year with Handong E&C's Head Office Team, we admired the "builders" with a spectrum of emotions, shining uniquely with entirely fresh and intriguing images.

Amidst the joyful and festive atmosphere welcoming the new year, the year-end party of Handong E&C's Head Office Team unfolded with full participation and enthusiastic response from all members of various departments. The event served not only as a gathering for everyone to come together after a year of hard work but also as an opportunity to create beautiful memories and foster team camaraderie.

The venue was designed to be comfortable and warm, providing a conducive environment for everyone to feel relaxed and at ease. Activities such as games, performances, and networking sessions created memorable moments and captured beautiful images in the hearts of each individual.

At the end of the party, heartfelt thanks were expressed to appreciate everyone for a meaningful and successful year. The unity, efforts, and collaboration of each member contributed to the overall success of the company in the past year.

The year-end party of Handong E&C's Head Office Team concluded with many beautiful and meaningful memories. People left with happiness and motivation, ready to embark on the new year with new goals and enthusiasm.


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