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On October 5, 2023, at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2023, Handong Engineering & Construction Joint Stock Company (Handong E&C) was honored in the category "Corporate Excellence Award".

APEA is the leading prestigious award in Asia to honor businesses and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements and sustainable contributions to the community. This prestigious award is organized by Enterprise Asia - the region's leading non-governmental organization in business.

To win the award, businesses must meet APEA's strict criteria: The business has many creative values ​​and excellent achievements; Enterprises continuously improve and innovate; The enterprise develops sustainably and has a good reputation in the market. Handong E&C is proud to receive the "Corporate Excellence Award" - Outstanding Asian Enterprise with outstanding achievements in revenue, profit, scale, and positive contributions to the community and society in 2023.

Winning the "Corporate Excellence Award" category at APEA 2023 not only affirms Handong E&C's position in the Vietnamese and foreign business communities but also marks an important milestone affirming its efforts. of the Board of Directors and staff of Handong E&C throughout its operation.

Handong E&C representative receiving the award

Handong E&C - Best Construction Partners

In Vietnam, Handong E&C is one of the Leading Korean General Construction Contractors creating impressive breakthroughs in the Real Estate market during the period of full economic growth fluctuations before and after the Covid-19 epidemic. With more than 12 years of operating experience, Handong E&C has successfully completed more than 40 projects not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asian countries and has been chosen as a partner by reputable investors and business owners such as National Housing Organization (Diamond City An Giang, The Dragon Castle Ha Long...), Preah Ang Duong ENT Hospital in Cambodia, Nam Long Urban Area 2 of ​​Nam Long Group, factories in the component production chain of Samsung vendor (Dongyang E&P, Novas Ez...) and other Other projects of Investor SonKim Land, Phu Long, ...

Ang Duong ENT project in Cambodia

These results were not only recognized at the Asian Business Excellence Award Ceremony but also ranked by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) in the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises (FAST500), and Top 500 most profitable enterprises (PROFIT500) actively contributing to the recovery of Vietnam's economy.

Handong E&C - A pioneer contractor for the sustainable development trend

According to Dot Property's assessment, Handong E&C is proud to be a pioneer contractor for the sustainable development trend based on three major aspects: environment, economy, and society.

As a General Contractor, Handong E&C has been highly appreciated by experts and customers for its ability to meet and balance the sustainable development goals of the community, the local economy, and the living environment through projects with "green building" certificates such as City Tower Binh Duong, the Office Building of investor N.H.O in Ho Chi Minh. To show that commitment more strongly, Handong E&C signed a cooperation agreement to establish a renewable energy company - Handong 365 Energy Joint Stock Company in early 2023.

Not only spreading sustainable values ​​to customers and the community, Handong E&C also creates a sustainable culture right from within the business. We take good care of our employees' lives and organize a series of community events for employees to participate in such as: distributing meals to pediatric patients and families in HCM, launching a series of Green Day activities, and building kindergartens, rural bridges ... these activities demonstrate Handong E&C's concern for the community and nurturing a culture of compassion and care.

Green Day - Cycling challenge (HCM, An Giang, Can Tho, Ha Long) & canvas bag-making activity for 500 orphans on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

It can be said that, after nearly 12 years of operation, 2022-2023 is an outstanding period with significant achievements under the impact of COVID-19, and the APEA award is a testament to Handong E&C's international position. Surely in the future, Handong E&C will continue to affirm its position in the construction field in particular and would like to thank customers and all employees for their companionship in the past year.

Representative of Handong E&C participated in the APEA 2023 awards ceremony

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