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In the waning days of 2021, news about the hardships faced by young souls from Thanh Nien Newspaper touched us deeply. Amidst the trials posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Handong E&C stood unwaveringly beside these youngsters, journeying alongside them through their high school years via the "Cung Con Di Tiep Cuoc Doi" initiative.

On August 25th, we had the privilege of reuniting with these youths and their families at Handong E&C's headquarters. Alongside the presence of Thanh Nien Newspaper, we became engrossed in tales of aspiration, resilience, and determination to weather the storms that life had thrown their way. That space truly radiated warmth, akin to that of a large family.

After a heartfelt meeting, the emotive shares of these youths remain etched in our minds.

• L.H.K.N, speaking from the heart, conveyed, "Before, I used to confide in my mother about everything. But since her passing, I've started to have more conversations with my father, and from that, I've come to understand that he cares deeply for me."

We take immense joy in witnessing these students nurturing their individual dreams without pause, pursuing them with zeal day by day. Following an introduction to the National Housing Organization (N.H.O)'s SAL scholarship program, we glimpsed the sheer excitement and determination in the eyes of these youths.

• L.H.K.N revealed, "Due to our family's circumstances, I didn't dare dream of university. I had planned to find a job after completing high school, but if I have the opportunity of the SAL scholarship, I'll strive to take the entrance exam for the Economics University, as my true aspiration lies in studying business administration."

• N.N.H, with resolute confidence, asserted her path, "From the past until now, I've always loved the field of marketing due to realizing my knack for effective communication and quick memorization. Currently, I'm pursuing the natural sciences, so I'm committed to following this path."

We extend our gratitude to Thanh Nien Newspaper and N.H.O for forging a meaningful connection and providing us with the chance to spread love to these young ones, who carry within them hopes and ambitions. We firmly believe that education holds the key to the future, and we are always ready to accompany these dreams. Through unity and sharing, we can build a brighter future for the entire community.


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