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HANDONG E&C: Recognized At AREA 2024

Handong E&C: Pioneering Green Construction in Vietnam

On June 28, 2024, at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2024 ceremony, Handong Engineering & Construction Corporation (Handong E&C) was honored in the "Green Leadership" category. This recognition underscores our sustainable commitment to building a green and sustainable future for Vietnam.

[Handong E&C receiving the award]

The AREA (Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards) is one of the most prestigious international awards in Asia, recognizing outstanding enterprises for their social responsibility and sustainable development efforts. This award acknowledges the exceptional initiatives and efforts of businesses in creating sustainable value for communities and the environment. With hundreds of enterprises participating, receiving this award is clear evidence of Handong E&C's commitment and leadership in the green sector.

The award is judged by a selection committee consisting of top scholars and advisors in the region. "Green Leadership" is a key category within the AREA Awards, honoring businesses with outstanding contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development. Evaluation criteria include efficient resource use, emission reduction measures, green technology application, and sustainable initiatives.

Handong E&C's Vision

Handong E&C aims to become a leading general contractor not only in Vietnam but also globally. We believe that combining construction quality with environmental protection is crucial for sustainable development.

[Green Leadership Certificate]

Our Mission

  • Green Innovation: Apply the most advanced technologies and construction processes to minimize negative environmental impacts.

  • Energy Saving: Establish Handong 365 Energy, a solar energy company. Optimize the use of solar energy in construction projects and business operations to reduce emissions and protect natural resources.

  • Community Protection: Ensure that all our projects are environmentally friendly, creating green and clean living spaces for communities.

Green Leadership Award

The Green Leadership award from AREA 2024 marks an important milestone, affirming Handong E&C's relentless efforts to promote green building standards. We have implemented innovative solutions such as using environmentally friendly materials, optimizing energy-efficient designs, and deploying high-efficiency green projects.

[Handong E&C's green activities]

A Greener Future

With a long-term strategy and a commitment to continuous improvement, Handong E&C will continue to pioneer in green construction. We are committed to delivering projects that not only meet the highest quality standards but also contribute to protecting our planet.

[Handong E&C representatives attending the AREA 2024 awards ceremony]

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