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On July 28, 2023, Handong E&C treated its employees to an exhilarating and unforgettable Sports Day:

The day started with a bang as the cheerleading squad took the stage, setting the tone for an action-packed event. Their high-energy performance ignited the excitement and rallied all the Handong "warriors" to kick-start the day with zeal and enthusiasm!

Next, everyone participated in a series of outdoor sports activities, promoting teamwork, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Laughter and cheers filled the air as employees engaged in various thrilling games, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of unity throughout the company.

The highlight of the day was the intense football tournament, featuring four competitive teams: HO1, HO2, CT, and AG. The matches were nothing short of thrilling, with each team showcasing their skills, determination, and team spirit. It was a showcase of talent and sportsmanship that left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The joyous moments and heartwarming interactions recorded in this video speak volumes about the memorable experiences shared on this special occasion. Handong E&C's Sports Day truly embodied the spirit of unity, passion, and teamwork!


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