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HANDONG E&C, The BEST Trusted Construction Partner!

Handong E&C began our journey in 2011 and has spent the past decade continuing to build the Handong brand, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to “build solutions”.

The year 2021 marks a milestone in our decade-long journey. And although 10 years is not a long time, it has been important for us to demonstrate our values and affirm our position in the industry.

With a mission to build strong partnerships based on trust and a clear vision to lead the general construction sector in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We strive to deliver comprehensive solutions and create the most value for our clients’ needs. Our focus on clients first and our desire to offer the best experience drives us to provide quality service at a competitive price, generating sustainable, long-term business partnerships over time.

We are Handong E&C, the BEST trusted construction partner, we are here to realize customer dreams with a new motto: “Building Trust, Building Partnership!”.


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