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On 23/11/2023, at The ADORA Center Hoang Van Thu, Handong E&C was honored at the Vietnam Best Places To Work® 2023 organized by Anphabe.

The program was initiated by Anphabe, Pioneer Consultant on Employer Branding & Happy Working Environment, in 2013, with the sponsorship of the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The evaluation model and methodology are verified by a third party (Intage Vietnam) to ensure the fairness and objectivity of the results.

Based on the survey conducted with the participation of 63,878 employees and 752 leading enterprises in 18 industries in Vietnam, Handong E&C was honored "Top 100 Best Places To Work in Vietnam for Medium Enterprises", which ranked 4th in the category "Best Places To Work® by Architecture/Construction of Medium Enterprises".

To become one of the Vietnam 100 Best Places To Work® in Vietnam, Handong E&C always focuses on the working environment and corporate culture: a working environment with ideal teammates accompanying and creating mutual trust in the way of working; Welfare regimes always focus on people with a clear employee competency assessment system and a culture towards sustainable development and contributing to community building, which is making Handong E&C a happy and also the best places to work for employees. The "Vietnam Best Places To Work® 2023" award is recognition for these efforts in the clearest and most realistic way.


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