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HANDONG GREEN: 900K Safe Hours, 900 Hearts Sent At Nam Long 2 Can Tho Project.

On 21 June 2024, Handong E&C is bursting with joy as we officially mark the 900,000 SAFE HOURS milestone at the Nam Long 2 Can Tho project!

900K hours - a seemingly small number but it is the crystallization of sweat, dedication and a high sense of responsibility from the entire Handong staff and workers. Each safe hour is an affirmation of Handong's commitment to occupational safety, is the foundation for sustainable development and is our pride.

To express our gratitude for these great contributions, Handong has prepared 900 meaningful gifts for our investors, project management board, partners, engineers and workers.

  • Gifts of gratitude: expressing our deep gratitude to those who have accompanied Handong on the journey to achieve our common goals.

  • Encouragement gifts for study: are words of encouragement for the children of workers, contributing to building a bright future for the younger generation.

  • Happy Lunch: recharges energy for an effective working day, strengthens the spirit of solidarity and sharing among Handong members.

More than just gifts, Handong wants to convey a message about safety culture, mutual care and especially the spiritual life and development of the younger generation.

900K safe hours - 900 hearts beating together, towards a green future, where Handong continues to build high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly projects.

Let's join hands with Handong to foster a safe, civilized and humane working environment, contributing to building a strong and sustainably developing community!


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