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HANDONG GREEN: Celebrating International Children's Day with Handong

To celebrate International Children's Day, Handong E&C has organized the Green Kid contest. This initiative aims to provide children with opportunities to practice and build the habit of "Green" through daily activities. The contest's goal is to help children understand the importance of protecting the environment through even the smallest actions. Green Kid is more than just a contest; it also aims to guide and encourage children to make positive changes for their living environment and the community.

Throughout the event, the organizers received numerous creative submissions from children, showcasing their efforts to improve their surroundings.

Some children's entries about positive actions for the environment

Among these, standout entries from Phan Gia Linh, Le Minh Anh, and Pham Hoang Kim Ngan received awards, with first place and two second-place prizes, respectively.

The prizes were awarded as a form of encouragement and enthusiastic support for the meaningful actions these children took for the environment. 

Award ceremony moments of the Green Kid competition

In conclusion, the Green Kids contest ended with enthusiastic support from both parents and children throughout the participation period. This reflects a strong environmental spirit and a commitment to beneficial and healthy actions for our living environment.


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