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Environment - Social - Governance


Build A Better Life


At Handong E&C, we devote ourselves to becoming visionary catalysts for sustainable change and positive social impact in work & personal life and local communities. The Handong Light Foundation approach to sustainability, identifying ESG trends and developing policies that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets under our three pillars.

Our strategy is followed under the SDGs which prioritized specific targets. 

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Building Dream

Helping people create a lasting positive legacy that includes building community service projects.

• Bridge
• House
• Hospital...

Building Hope

Bringing a better educational motivation and support to children from different backgrounds.

Education Connection

Scholarship: orphan/student (construction university)...

Competition & sponsor

Building Community

Benefiting surrounding communities through preserving the environment as well as supporting people of different circumstances in society. 

Green Day
Green Energy
Green equipment/material
Green Construction method
Supporting mental health, and urgent needs and sharing a meal together 

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