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Groundbreaking Ceremony of NovaWorld Ho Tram Project

On November 15, 2021, General contractor Handong E&C and the Investor NovaWorld Ho Tram Corporation have successfully celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of the “NovaWorld Ho Tram” project in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

Two NovaWorld Ho Tram projects are located in the heart of the Ho Tram Tourist Area and are a project that not only Vietnamese but also many investors around the world are paying attention to. Handong E&C participated in this flag-ship project as a partner of NovaWorld Ho Tram and Handong E&C plays the role of General Contractor.

Perspective photo of NovaWorld Ho Tram - The Tropicana Project

Perspective photo of NovaWorld Ho Tram - Wonderland Project

This package marks the sustainable relationship between Handong E&C and NovaWorld Ho Tram, when winning two consecutive projects of NovaWorld Ho Tram within a month (NovaWorld Ho Tram - The Tropicana & NovaWorld Ho Tram - Wonderland).

Mr. Dang Quoc Dung representative of NovaWorld Ho Tram's Project Management - shared detailed information related to the project and emphasized that: With Handong's experience and ability to execute large projects, the Project Management Board believes in and expects the project to be completed successfully.

Mr. Dang Quoc Dung - Representative of Project Management Board; Mr. Kim Wonsik - Representative of Handong E&C

On behalf of Handong E&C, Mr. Kim Wonsik said: "All Handong E&C family have successfully carried out the apartment, townhouse, factory, hotel, educational and public facility projects for the past decade across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea since 2011 when Handong E&C was founded. Especially since last year, despite the global Covid-19 Pandemic situation, we have been running without stopping our passion to keep our promises to all clients. Just like Handong E&C has shown all steps to be the faithful partner for clients in our history, all executives and employees of Handong E&C promise to do their best for this flag-ship project Novaworld Ho Tram Wonderland without any concessions to quality, safety, and project schedule."


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