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HANDONG LIGHT: Handong Bus - Home Coming

How long has it been since you spent Tet away from home?

Welcome to the Handong bus with the message "Home coming", in 2021, it has just been 2 years since we have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic. Probably also the time when you can't get together with your family every Tet holiday.

As one of the activities in the Handong Light Foundation, I want to bring the atmosphere of "Tet" back to each family. Without having to queue to buy tickets and join the flow of people like every year, I want to bring each of you comfort and safety to your family.

Home is not just a place to live and sleep, home is where you find happiness from simple things, where you are surrounded by loved ones.

Tet will not be complete without even one member, I hope that with this year's Handong bus, you will have time to spend with your family and enjoy this time to the fullest.

Wishing all of you and your families peace, health, and happiness.


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