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HANDONG LIGHT: Happy To Sharing "Happy Lunch" at HCM Children Hospital

On May 14, 2022, Handong Light Foundation cooperated with Vinacapital Foundation (VCF) to organize the “Happy Lunch”, sharing family lunch boxes to pediatric patients and their families undergoing long-term treatment, at Ho Chi Minh City Children Hospital (HCM Children Hospital).

The effects of the COVID-19 panic have caused massive changes to our daily lives, changes that have often happened rapidly and abruptly. Especially for families whose children are being treated at the hospital.

“Happy lunch" is one of the regular programs of the Handong Light Foundation. The program has successfully responded by delivering lunch boxes and gifts to nearly 500 pediatric patients and pediatric parents at HCM Children's Hospital. We, Handong E&C, are happy to share our hearts with families in need.

CEO's VCF said: "We would like to thank Handong E&C and the company's employees. Without Handong E&C's contribution, VCF couldn't organize a meaningful and successful program like this."

Handong E&C would like to send a special thanks to VCF, HCM Children Hospital, and Handong employees who enthusiastically participated and made the successful Happy Lunch program.


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