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Handong E&C is pleased to announce the groundbreaking ceremony for the kitchen of Hoa Binh Kindergarten, in Hoa Binh Commune, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province on this 12-Jul, 2023.

Hoa Binh commune has a sparse population of just over 1,000 households and most are Dao ethnic group.

Hoa Binh kindergarten is about 30km from the center of Ha Long city having 106 childrens , of which 83% are Dao ethnic group. This kindergarten is also in the process of upgrading and reaching national standards according to the new plan and kitchen is one of the required criterias. This is an important factor to ensure the quality of nutrition for the children, however, the school does not currently have its own kitchen and is temporarily using of another kindergarten.

In order to meet this demand, Handong E&C together with the N.H.O investor and subcontractors have joined hands to build a kitchen to support the school. This is part of the company's mission: “Build a better life” to contribute to the development of the community and improve the quality of education for children.

Understanding that a nutritious meal will bring better learning energy for children, Handong E&C hopes that this kitchen will contribute to building a better future for them.


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